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Economics of Climate Change

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Broska, L. H. (2021). It’s all about community: On the interplay of social capital, social needs, and environmental concern in sustainable community action. Energy Research & Social Science, 79, 102165.

Kriegler, E., Gulde, R., Colell, A., von Hirschhausen, C., Minx, J.C., Oei, P., Yanguas-Parra, P., Bauer, N., Brauers, H., Broska, L.H., Groh, E., Hagen, A., Hainsch, K., Holz, F., Hübler, M., Jakob, M., Khabbazan, M.M., Leimbach, M., Manych, N., Montes de Oca León, M., Ohlendorf, N., Osorio, S., Pahle, M., Reutter, L., Shamon, H., Steckel, J., Strefler, J., Vance, C., Vögele, S., von Wangenheim, G., Walk, P., Wittenberg, I., Zundel, S. (2020) Phasing out Fossil Fuels – How to Achieve a Just Transition? Background paper for the Forum Climate Economics 7
 REsCO Background paper for the Forum Climate Economics 7 (PDF, 4 MB)
 REsCO Hintergrundpapier zum 7. Forum Klimaökonomie (PDF, 4 MB)

Wittenberg, I., Broska, L. H., Vögele, S., Shamon, H. (2019) Human Behavior and the Energy Transition – Explanatory Approaches in Psychology, Economics, and Sociology.
 REsCO Working Paper I (PDF, 2 MB)

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